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Guided Fly Fishing for Black Bream at Lake HAMANA

Saltwater flyfishing, Shallow Flat Black Bream flyfishing from Nagoya..... Trust Us!
Can you believe you can enjoy saltwater shallow flat sight fishing in Japan??? Yes, You Can! Lake Hamana near Hamamatsu city, about 1.5 hours drive from Nagoya is named "LAKE", but connected to the sea. The water is a brackish. So, many ocean species coming in for feeding, such as seabass, flounder, eels. And one of the most popular fish is the Black Bream = Black Porgy called "Kuro-dai" in Japanese. They come up to very shallow flats and you can see them tailing. They are very spooky and not easy to catch, but it is worth to try. Many saltwater flyfishers in Japan are now crazy about it. You will be surprised the number of fish there.
Please Try one of the newest flyfishing situation in Japan!

flat flyfishing for Black Bream

Guide Rate

  • JPY70,000-
  • for one guest per day
  • JPY80,000-
  • for two guests per day
  • JPY90,000-
  • for three guests per day
  • * Included: guide, rental flyfishing tackles, pick up at your hotel
  • * Rental waders and wading shoes will be JPY5,000/set.
  • * Not included: Lunch and drinks
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    Please contact us at least a week before your fishing day to arrange the best guide for you! English speaking guides are very limited in Japan!