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Miyakojima Fly Fishing guide trip

Tropical Okinawan isolated island, Miyakojia.

There are many shallow flats in Miyakojima and many tropical fishes such as trevally and black sea bream inhabit. This is a fly fishing trip where you can walk around this flat with the fishing guide, Mr. Matsumoto, who has been visiting Miyakojima for many years and started as a guide specializing in fly fishing. Please try this opportunity in Tropical peaceful island!

flyfishing in Miyako Island

flyfishing in Miyako, Okinawa
flyfishing in Miyako, Okinawa
flyfishing in Miyako, Okinawa
flyfishing in Miyako, Okinawa
flyfishing in Miyako, Okinawa
flyfishing in Miyako, Okinawa
flyfishing in Miyako, Okinawa

Guide Rate

  • JPY56,000-
  • for one guest per day(8 hours)
  • JPY70,000-
  • for two guests per day(8 hours)
  • JPY84,000-
  • for three guests per day(8 hours)
  • * Season: from March to November
  • * Extension fee: ¥5,000 per person per hour
  • * Included: guide, transfers from your hotel, soft drinks and snacks
  • * Rental Tackles cost JPY3,500/day, rental line basket costs JPY1,500.
  • * Not included: lunch (You can buy them on the way with guide.)
  • HALF DAY (4 hours) PLAN
  • It can be used when full day fishing is not possible due to the flight schedule on the day of arrival or departure. If your flight arrives at Miyakojima in the afternoon, or if your departure flight is before the evening, you are more likely to be a 4-6 hour guide.
  • JPY40,000-
  • for one person per day(4 hours)
  • JPY50,000-
  • for two people per day(4 hours)
  • JPY60,000-
  • for three people per day(4 hours)
     A cancellation fee of 50% of the estimated amount will be charged from one month before the reservation, and 100% from two weeks before. No cancellation fee will be charged if the guide decides to cancel or if the transportation is canceled. In case of cancellation, please be sure to contact us. Also, no cancellation fee will be charged if you change the reservation date.
     Please catch and release to protect the resources of the very valuable fly fishing target fish.
  • *NOTES
    If we judge that fishing is difficult due to bad weather such as typhoons, we may propose to postpone or cancel. Please follow these instructions during the guided tour. As this is an outdoor activity, there may be dangers involved (tidal currents, lightning strikes, etc.), so if you do not comply, we will cancel the guide. We recommend that you purchase your own travel insurance.
  • Feel free to contact us by e-mailcontact form or phone.

    Please contact us as early as possible. English speaking guides are very limited in Japan!