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Guided FlyFishing Trip from Tokyo area

FlyFishing in Tokyo !?!
There are beautiful mountain streams only a few hours driving from central Tokyo.
Some of them are good for fly fishing for Yamame ( land locked Cherry Salmon ), Iwana ( Char ) and Rainbow trout. Yamame and Iwana are not big, just a nice size for three weight flyrod, but these Japanese native species are extremely beautiful like a jewel. Good fishing season is from Spring to Autumn ( April to September ). There are some trout fishing parks around Tokyo that stock many trout. This is a good alternative for off season, winter time fishing.
Why donft you have a unique fly fishing experience in Tokyo? If you want to try TENKARA style fishing, you are always welcome.

Mr.Leonard Schoenberger, Founder & Editor of The Wading List enjoyed flyfishing with us and wrote an article about flyfishing in Japan. We hope you enjoy it.

Trout Flyfishing from Tokyo

Plan and Cost

  • JPY55,000-
  • for one guest per day
  • JPY70,000-
  • for two guests per day
  • * Rental waders and wading shoes cost JPY6,000/set.
  • * Please ask, more than three guests join.
  • * Included: guide, transfers, tackles, license, lunch, soft drink, tax.
  • * There are some nice mountain lodges for multi days trip. Please ask for the details.
  • Feel free to contact us by e-mailcontact form or phone.

    Please try to contact us as early as possible. English speaking guides are very limited in Japan!