Do you think there are no worthy trout for fly fishing in Japan???..........NO!
 k`jd AKAN is one of your choice for mixed trip of good fishing and sightseeing. It is famouse area as a hot spa resort and AINU culture.

  And, of course, you can fish for our native spotter char named "AMEMASU" It is beautiful fish with gold colerd with white spots. They will become big as over 60cm.

  You can fish by streamers and in a certain time of year you can fish by dry flies.

  Also, it is good idea to try river fishing, Akan river has catch & release area for big rainbow trout.

  We can pick you up at Kushiro airport and guide any style.
You don't have to forget about Fly Fishing in Japan! Just TRY it!
Typical Sample Plan for Lake Akan Fishing
Day 1 Fly from Tokyo to Kushiro
Hotel shuttle will pick you up.
evening fishing at Lake Akan
Day 2 all day fishing at Lake Akan
Day 3 morning fishing at Lake Akan
Fly back to Tokyo in evening
We can arrange completed fishing trip for you,
Includes professional fishing guide, air flight and accommodation.
IThere are variety of accommodation in Akan area.!
Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.
Please contact us at least a week before your fishing day to arrange the best guide for you!
English speaking guides are very limited in Japan!

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