Japanese Taimen fishing
The biggest native tour in Japan..... Japanese Taimen (Huchen)
  The Native and Wild fish, Japanese Taimen / Huchen is one of the target for you. They grow big, you have a chance for over 1m taimen.
  We introduce you 2 areas, the largest lake in Hokkado, SHUMARINAI LAKE near Asahikawa and the river flowing in untouched nature, SARUFUTSU RIVER near Wakkanai. So, you cannot try this target by one day fishing from Sapporo. We suggest you have at least three days for this fishing.

  Taimen will chace bait fish aggressively after spawning at upper river during mid. May to late June. It is the one of the best season for fishing. Another best season is in October. They will bite aggressively again to prepared for tough and long winter.

  Shumarinai Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by untouched nature and not easy to access most of the shore. There are grizzly bears in the forest and most important things to catch Taimen will be selecting the spot. Our guide will help you.

  Upper and middle Sarufutsu River is meandered through the wild and lower part of the river is wide and flows slowly and has reeds in both side. The important things of this river will be sellecting fishing spot by tide, wind, etc... Of course, our guide is also expert for it.
3 Days Sample Plan for Sarufutsu River
Day 1 Fly from Tokyo to Wakkanai
a half day fishing at Sarufutsu River
Day 2 fishing at Sarufutsu River
Day 3 fishing at Sarufutsu River
Fly back to Tokyo in after noon
3 Days Sample Plan for Shumarinai Lake
Day 1 Fly from Tokyo to Asahikawa
a half day fishing at Shumarinai Lake
Day 2 fishing at Shumarinai Lake
Day 3 fishing at Shumarinai Lake
Fly back to Tokyo in after noon
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