TROUT&KING fishing tours in Tokyo Japan
Fishing guide and trips in Japan.
HOKKAIDO - north island
Flyfishing in Sapporo
HUCHEN, Japanese Taimen FlyFishing
Flyfishing at lake & river Akan
Flyfishing from Tokyo/Yokohama
seabass boat fishing at Tokyo/Yokohama
guided large mouth bass fishing
NAGOYA / Gifu / Nagano area
Flyfishing trip from Nagoya - Gifu, Nagano
saltwater flyfishing from Nagoya

 (seavise temporary stopp) To the people living in Japan, any nationality, we have a domestic travel campaign to support travel market in Japan. We are an official travel agency to arrange it. Please feel free to contact us about your domestic travel. We can arrange it and you will get 35% off price and 15% coupon for shopping. (upto JPY20,000 per night) Please don't miss it!

 We are the travel agency specialized for fishing tours, founded in 1997 in Tokyo, Japan.
 We can arrange fly fishing and spin fishing trips according to your requests.
 We can also arrange fishing boat, guide or multi days guided trip in Japan for you. Seabass boat fishing in Tokyo Bay? Flyfishing trip from Tokyo or Nagoya? A multi days trip to Hokkaido? Please contact us what you want to do. We can arrange almost any type of fishing, any places in Japan from single to group anglers.

Our Main Destinations are ...... New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., Canada, Christmas Island, Belize, Cuba, New Caledonia, Maldives, Mexico, Bahama, U.K., Norway, Russia, Mongol, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Chili, Argentina, Brazil, Palau, Yap, etc...

What you want to do? FlyFishing for trout? Matching the hatch? Skagit cast for Steelhead and Salmon? Sight Fishing for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon or Giant Trevally? Snook, Striper, Redfish or Barramundi? Teasing for Marlin, Sailfish or Roosterfish? Torophy Yellow Tail Kingfish in New Zealand? Sea Trout in Patagonia? Dorado or Peacock Bass? Or, Jurassic Lake?

Please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or you are wellcome to visit our office in Ginza, Tokyo.
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